Putting the Real in Highlight Realness




Okay, let’s get real for a second.

I've spent countless hours scrolling through Instagram thinking “I wish I had it all together. If only I had THAT then I would be so much more successful and happy. I wish I was where they are in their career already. Maybe I’m not really providing any unique value...”

But - what I don’t realize in these moments, is that what we see on Instagram isn’t always the whole picture.

We often don’t see those imperfect, real moments because let’s face it - they aren’t exactly “Instagram worthy.” We don’t see people with their morning coffee stained on their shirt as they frantically run around cleaning the house before guests arrive (my life in a nutshell). We often don’t hear about the time when they too doubted their value and wished they had it all together. These are the raw, unfiltered moments that make up our life along with those happy, highlight-worthy moments.

Personally, when I meet someone new and hear their story for the first time, I am seeking a conversation beyond the “what do you do” small talk. I am yearning to know what truly makes them who they are and what has brought them where they are today. I love talking about their big dreams and ambitions. We all crave this raw connection, but don’t always offer this part of ourselves to the world in the same way we wish others did. 

But WHAT IF we changed that?

What if we flipped the script and shared our real, raw, ugly, TRUE moments with each other in an effort to create a friendship-bracelet-worthy connection?

I’m not saying this means no more pretty lifestyle photos or perfectly plated meals, but maybe, just maybe, a little bit more of US. I think it's time we all ditch the comparison game and share more of the not-so-picture-perfect moments in our lives.

I am starting a campaign with the hashtag #highlightrealness and I encourage you to use this in your posts - not only to share your REAL moments, but to connect with all of us who are equally seeking this honest relationship.

We all cry over spilled *coconut* milk - and sometimes, life can be beautifully messy. Let’s get real. 


Make sure to use this hashtag when you are bringing some REALITY to your Highlight Reel (yes. we all have one) & let’s connect with one another on a whole new level! (Did I mention friendship bracelets?)


Danielle Webb