Thanks for stopping by my little ol' blog, it’s nice to meet you! I’m Danielle Webb - creative recipe developer, social media guru, and professional restaurant photographer.

Living in Portland, Oregon, I enjoy wandering around the city visiting local restaurants in search of REAL food, whipping up simple yet delicious meals in my kitchen, and finding my own balance in this thing we call healthy living.

I am on a mission to make real, healthy food accessible to all. Eating healthy doesn’t need to be complicated and it certainly shouldn't require a specialty food store nearby or a daily dose of matcha adaptogenic lattes. Healthy living truly can be simple and it's about time we get back to the basics and get REAL with one another, don't you think?

[Wanderfully = always wandering in search of my next meal | Wholesome = real, healthy food that fuels your body]

I encourage you to use #highlightrealness when you are sharing a REAL, raw, not-so-glam moment of your life - bringing realness to the highlight reel that is social media.

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